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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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juliet: ready, set, shop. oh yes it is going to be crazy out there, well, not out there, but online. be very, very careful, it is cyber monday and people are out there trying to scam you. ben: they are out there every day. juliet: especially today. ben: creepy cyber people. a shake up at rutgers, the football coach is fired and the athletic director is forced to resign. >> juliet: no more.
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hi, everybody. ben: do you feel bad for him? juliet: are you joking? you are funny. ben: good morning. juliet: thanks for joining us today. it is november 30th. ben: yes, the last day. cyber monday. december starts tomorrow. aubrey is here. audrey: for the most part the temperatures well above average for this time of the year. we are starting cold this morning across parts of the tristate area. the 20s to the north and to the west. 33 islip. 33 also up towards bridgeport. bundle up this morning. we are starting chilly and staying cold as we go through the rest of the afternoon. the winds are 5-10 miles per hour and clouds across central and southern new jersey.
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clear to the north and to the east. clouds are spilling across the region in the afternoon. low pressure is bringing in the wet weather. we are seeing the moisture out of the system going into the overnight hours tonight and tomorrow. today is not the case. it is going to dry. sunshine especially to the north. highs mostly will be in the 40s. 45 in the city. tomorrow will be 50. you will need the rain gear. same thing on wednesday. 60 on wednesday. thursday sunshine and nice and dry at the end of the week and temperatures around 50 degrees by then. now to the roads with ines. good morning. >> ines: good morning. it is monday morning. we have a problem in queens. first to connecticut, 95, the
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new jersey compute 78, 287 looking pretty good. l.i.e. no problems eastbound or westbound a problem on the grand central parkway by jewel avenue, westbound flashing lights. eastbound is fine. the trains back to normal schedules. juliet: thank you. are you shopping online today? ines: maybe. are the bosses watching yet? ben: not yet. juliet: well, it is cyber monday and a lot of people will be shopping while at work, not us, of course. ben: you are already shopping. 121 million are expected to search for the holiday bargains today.
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she's looking at the deals and only in if name of research we are shopping this morning. >> reporter: yes, this is the biggest story of the day. juliet, start shopping. juliet: all right. >> reporter: and if you have a problem with, come talk to me. it is the tail end of the busiest shopping weekend of the year and filled with the door busters and you can get a tv for half or 60%. sneakers, strollers, anything you want at a discount online today. >> it is a great time to shop the deals are deep and spread across the five days now. >> so many giving thanks at home
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thanks to the craziness of thursday and friday. macy's, walmart and target and amazon launching yesterday. >> i do both. if a nice day i come outside. >> for electronics go online. clothing and shoes i go to the store. i shop online for the kids. >> how do you score the big discounts today, make a list. check the sites like cyber &.com, overstock and fat wallet. they compile the deals. head to a site like retail me not or the crazy coupon lady. access your favorite online
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retailers through cashback sites. here is the ceo and founder. >> click on the cashback link and they'll get cashback and in most cases, consumers can double up on the savings. >> more than a hundred million people are expected to take advantage of the deals today. if you are super savy use a credit card that gives you cash back and more savings. i found a few good deals out there this morning, we are doing this throughout the monday. this is cyber website. places like walmart are offering really, really steep discounts,
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on tablet, xbox save 50 bucks. tv's best buy seems a good place this morning. hover boards, 50% through this site. for the last one, you get tv here for $177, initially $400. >> hover boards are illegal here around new york city. >> well, if you are on vacation, i don't know. >> well you can live outside of the city, lots of people do. >> the search is on at ret gers for a new football coach. >> he was fired yesterday along with the at&t
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>> the season began with a bang. kyle floyd has been fired. the university president made the announcement. the continues struggles on the field and off the field convinced me we need new leadership of the football program. several football players were aest ared earlier and floyd was suspended earlier in the season after contacting a teacher about a grade. >> there is no question about it, i'm the head football coach. >> at&t
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athletic director was also fired. and throwing basketballs at them. patrick hobbs is taking over. he served in the governor's office and led the athletic programs at seton hall. >> all right, thank you very much. >> students and faculty at the university of chicago are being asked to stay away from the campus today following a threat of gun violence. the university is working with the fbi which is investigating the claim that there will be violence this morning at 10:00. the closure comes less than two months after a killing in oregon. >> dozens of students are injured near richmond after a
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the stufrts were headed back to campus when the driver lost control on a curve and the bus flipped. 35 students were injured and taken to the hospitals. the driver is charged with reckless driving. >> the shooter in colorado springs on friday is expected in court today. three people were killed including a university of colorado police officer and two civilians. the police are sealing the warrants related to the case and not releasing information on the motive or the weapon. the head of the clinic had antiabortion views. acquaintances described him as a loaner. >> president obama is in paris this morning. he went to one of the sites of the attack. he made the visit with the mayor
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of president and the president of paris and laided a white rose there. 130 people died in the terror attacks two weeks ago and 89 inside of the concert hall. the president is there for a conference on climate change. >> it is a chilly start to the week. today is the coldest day though. that is what is many the teleprompter. ben: there is confusion on the
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>> good morning, it is a chilly start to the tristate area and bundle up the kids because the temperatures are in the 20s north and wall street movement of the city. we are expecting a mix of sun and clouds, more clouds towards the afternoon. the temperatures going for the highs only in the 40s. layer them up as they are headed up this morning. now across the region, the windchills are feeling like in the 20s. we are starting with clear skies to the north and east, but the clouds across central and southern new jersey this morning. coming in advance of a system bringing the wet weather to the
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tennessee valley and the mid atlantic and it is headed in your direction tonight. a steady rainfall is developing into the middle part of tomorrow. it is here for the evening commute and wet roadways across the region. then we clear out at the end of the week and staying nice and dry for the weekend. today a mix of sun and clouds. chilly too, the temperatures in the low to mid 40s. tomorrow at 50. we are wet weather and rain is continuing for wednesday and drying out for the weekend. track the weather along with us and getting daily and hourly forecast on a regular basis and downloading the weather app free at the app stores. that's a check on the weather, now to the roads with ines. ines: well, for a monday morning
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it is a good start. staten island expressway looking fine. l.i.e., northern state and southern state parkway in good shape. headed to the tappan zee bridge southbound is fine and northbound is looking line. grand central parkway we had an accident here, westbound by jewel avenue, cleared away. side. the becomege is looking good. the lincoln tunnel, george washington bridge and holland tunnel looking good. ben: donald trump scrapped a press conference today in jersey city. the campaign was promoting the event as an endorsement, but the
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they'll meet with trump but not necessarily endorsing him. juliet: now to curtis who is here and looking fabulous in the new jacket. yes. >> thank you. you were yawning at me before coming on. do i bore you? >> no, the morning bores me until i have coffee. >> oh, okay. i have never watch my hand again. drum z is going to jersey city and he said he saw thousands of jersey celebrating on 9/11. it is ironic that jersey city is rejecting donald trump again. >> well, he's rejected them not
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>> well, he's not loved in the community. street money. that is what determines the urban elections where the black ministers come together and in order to get their attention you have to throw the snaps on the table. apparently donald trump hasn't and now they are having a private meeting and he's flying off to georgia and have two hour stand up comedy sessions. >> you are saying this group had he given them money or let them know he would give them money that endorse him? >> that is how the jersey elections go. she gave the black ministers money. >> and epa saying everything is
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>> that is how it is. ben: talk about cyber monday, are you shopping today? >> 99 cent store. >> what'd you ask for for christmas? >> drop dead christmas popping out of a cake, i'm finally here for you. juliet: i knew what the answer would be. >> my budget is such i handle only the dollar stores. >> so not purchasing the items from the 12 days of christmas. >> no, two of my sons are raised jewish. each of the 8 days of hanukkah and now the 12 days of christmas. >> the dollar store you are spenting $16 for the jewish kids.
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>> they are never a dollar. they are not there. >> yeah, the 12 days of christmas costing $31,000. what are the items? that is waspy. i'm looking at you, ben. what are they? what are the items? >> ten lords a leaping. nine ladies dancing. >> that is not blue collar working class. >> did you watch football? >> yes, a little yesterday. >> brady lost. [cheering] >> we have to run. speaking of the perfect season comes to an end for the new
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ben: we are back. tina is here. juliet: we were talking about the game of throwns and there are developments. ben: this is a huge development. >> i have nudes for you guys, wait for it, tom brady and the patriots no longer perfect. >> well, cheater, how can you be perfect. >> it was cold and it was snowy and with four seconds on the clock, the pats down by 3. tie the score. then they go to overtime. denver with the ball. anderson getting the toss, runs right through the line and he's gone. 48 yards for the touchdown. broncos hand the patriots the
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big day for the jets as well. fitzpatrick had a huge day against the dolphins. he hits brandon marshall here. watch this in the top corner. 17 td strike. jets grab a 7-0 lead. to the third quarter. decker this time. touchdowns. jets win 38-20. >> it is not a lot of fun not to play well and lose, let's have fun and see what happens, and that is what we did today. >> smart, savy, runs when he has to. >> the jets play the giants at metlife stadium on sunday. early on the giants offense was a mess.
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eli manning is picked off in the end zone. eli with three picks on the afternoon. a diving run handed grab in the end zone. watch this. it is just sick. it was not enough. the 21 yard score getting the giants been 7. washington hangs on. >> i just didn't think we played well, we just didn't function very well early on and then finally we did and i commend the guys for battling and hanging in in and staying with it. >> and that is the final. now to basketball now. tough night for the knicks. anthony is out because of being
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alley oop there. knicks up by 7. houston comes back in the closing seconds of the fourth. hitting the three and the game is tied at 101. overtime. the rockets come back to win it. 116-1 116-111. there it is. nets am home taking on pistons at barclays center. lopez with 15. nets win it overthe pistons. and just one quick note, one o effective greatest ever to play in the national basketball association, kobe bryant is
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>> thank you, tina. now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish. no way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start
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